What is the Acupuncture’s Mechanism of Action?

According to the interpretative guidelines (9/1/2020) of the Ministry of Health – Hellenic Republic, acupuncture is a peripheral tissue stimulation that is transmitted to the Central Nervous System (CNS) and is described by neurophysiology. Acupuncture as a method of peripheral sensory stimulation (neurostimulation), causes changes related to aesthetics, excitability, the function of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), hormone levels and the immune response, with  therapeutic goal the changes at the level of brain nuclei, the neural axes and the functional neural networks.

What is the standard number of therapies I should have?

Our therapy protocol involves 22 consecutive therapies which are applied as an intense activation practice. In cases of patients from abroad or outside Attica region, these consecutive therapies can be performed on an almost daily basis. The protocol can also be implemented over a two-month period with 11 treatments per month.

How long does each acupuncture therapy session last?

Each therapy session lasts from 25 to 55 minutes.

How often should I get my acupuncture treatments?

Following the implementation of the intensive protocol for the first two months, a continuation of the treatment is recommended in specific periods of time, e.g. one or two treatments per week for patients living in Athens. For individuals living outside this region, a protocol of three sessions a week every two weeks is advised. The interval period of no treatment should not exceed three months in any case.

What is the cost of each acupuncture therapy?

Our main aim in Orasis Acupuncture Institute is to have reasonable and affordable prices for our fellow patients. After all, this is the vision of the founder of our Center Mr. Vasilis Spyrou, to help every person in need. Special offers for long-term therapy do exist, so please contact us for more information.

Where are the acupuncture points?

The needles are placed in specific anatomical points according to the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine and depending on each specialized case. They are placed in the area of the head, alternatively on the ear, the arms or the legs.

Are the needles disposable? Have they been disinfected?

In Orasis Acupuncture Institute, and generally in the West, for several years, acupuncture needles are disposable. They are made of surgical steel, sterilized with x-ray technology.

In our Institute we use the world-renowned Jtype SEIRIN Acupuncture Needles.

We follow the medical standards set by the World Health Organization (W.H.O) for disinfection and sterilization, so the risk of infection is practically zero.

I will travel from abroad, where will I stay?

There will be recommended facilities upon request, either in hotels or in Airbnb apartments.

On which language will I communicate with the staff of the Institute?

Our trained staff communicates in English, with more options soon to be announced.

Is it possible for a translator to be hired?

In cases where it would be considered necessary a translator will be provided in order to facilitate the communication between us.

Should I follow a specific diet?

Eating and general daily habits play a major role in patients’ comfortability related to acupuncture. Detailed instructions are given by the specialized scientific staff of our institute to the patients at the beginning of their sessions.

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At our Institute, in the period of Covid-19, we care about your safety and we implement all the prescribed health protocols of  the Greek Ministry of Health and the Infectious Diseases Commission of EODY.