Tinnitus is the subjective sensation of a sound (inside the ear or head), that has no origin from the environment.  It has been described by patients in various ways, such as: as ringing, buzzing, or as the sound of the heartbeat. The severity and degree of tinnitus varies. When of high intensity or/and duration, it causes severe burden on the patient, discomfort or even anxiety.

Tinnitus is observed in cases of some organic damage to the inner ear, while can also be observed in people without any underlying condition.  The incidence of tinnitus is not gender-related; depending on its intensity, it can be tolerated or not, by sufferers. The difficulty of finding the cause of tinnitus is possible to lead sufferers to serious psychological problems.

The reason for the tinnitus may be purely pathological, but in many cases, even with the most modern diagnostic methods, no otological or nerve condition is detected.

Although tinnitus is an incurable condition for classical medicine, this is not the case in Traditional Chinese Medicine, where acupuncture has an unexpectedly satisfactory response, and in a large proportion of patients.

Medical Acupuncture and Tinnitus

There are many treatments for tinnitus, with often encouraging results, but just as often, with disappointing results.  Acupuncture is among the most successful treatments.  The scientific literature reports the significant improvement in the condition of patients after treatment with acupuncture.

When Acupuncture is performed by a well-trained and experienced physician/acupuncturist, it limits both the frequency and the intensity of tinnitus, thus significantly improving the patients’ lives.

Acupuncture has gained international high recognition by health professionals, as an alternative treatment, particularly in countries of advanced healthcare, with China as a pioneer. Nowadays, it is applied internationally by specialized doctors for the treatment of tinnitus as well.

By placing special needles in selected parts of the body, therapeutic effects are achieved, because at the points where the needles are placed, pass the meridians of energy, related to specific organs. Depending on the clinical condition described by each patient, the physician/acupuncturist of our Institute selects the acupuncture points, which are different for each patient, as they depend on the frequency of his tinnitus.

The therapeutic effect is a significant reduction in the average intensity of tinnitus, at rates of high statistical importance. It has been found that with a fairly small number of Medical Acupuncture sessions, the average intensity of tinnitus is reduced to a satisfactory degree, resulting in improved daily life and an increase in the quality of patient’s life.

Conclusively, Acupuncture is effective in reducing the intensity and severity of tinnitus and is evaluated by experts as a good treatment option for chronic or non-chronic, pulsating tinnitus.

The Institute of Medical Acupuncture performs acupuncture treatments based on specific protocols, which bring significant relief to the patient with tinnitus condition.

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