Orasis – Unique Treatmet Method

The first mention of acupuncture dates back to 5 thousand years ago. In the modern world, acupuncture is considered the most effective non-pharmaceutical practice showing remarkable results in various diseases. There are medical conditions where Western Medicine cannot provide any further help. On the other hand, acupuncture due to its adaptability can help the patient and in some cases even cure him/her. In that sense, its action resembles those of living organisms though their attempt to survive and adapt to new situations and conditions (in terms of the environment, nature, etc.). Thus, acupuncture not only survives through time but also evolves. A typical example is that there have been more than one hundred studies in the period of just two months related to acupuncture and COVID-19.

Ιn our effort to provide effective treatment for a number of vision disorders (having macular degeneration as our main focus), at Orasis Acupuncture Institute we use new acupuncture treatments based on a combination of therapies. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Dr. Master Tung’s acupuncture school are used along with electro-acupuncture therapy.

Studies on the effectiveness of treatments have been conducted in internationally renowned research institutions and Universities such as the Johns Hopkins University (JHU).

Master Tung and his theory

Master Tung lived from 1916 to 1975 and became famous in the West when he treated the president of Cambodia who suffered from hemiplegia.

fundamental difference that it never cures the affected area. According to many experts, it stands as the most important acupuncture school after the one of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

It uses 740 points, giving more importance to the course of the meridians as well as to the circuits that are created through intersections between them.

By using a single needle, the acupuncturist activates more acupuncture points without acupuncturing the affected area. The results of the treatments must be immediate (from the very first session). He takes into great consideration for the points of choice the time, day, month, season and year. He does not use needle manipulations and the respective therapeutic effects are enhanced by the use of Gua Sha, Moxotherapy, Cupping and Tuina. The Priching method is used to deal with complex situations and systemic diseases. It is very important in terms of the effectiveness of the treatment, that the mobilization of a limp can be performed in order for the affected area to be healed (by acupuncturing a distant point), thus producing and enhancing energy flow. This is similar to what is achieved in Rigong exercises.

What is Electro – Acupuncture?

Electro-acupuncture therapy is another form of treatment of choice for vision disorders which represent the main focus of Orasis Acupuncture Institute. Electro-acupuncture causes a continuous flow of energy at the points where it is applied through the stimulation of the needle. In scientific studies conducted in collaboration with one of the largest University Institutions in the United States, the recorder results were encouraging.

Electro-acupuncture has some contraindications to its application, for example in patients with seizures or in individuals with arrhythmias and in elderly patients.

Due to the points on the body where it is applied (on the face and particularly close to the eyes) and its unique characteristics, the voltage used must be clearly stated. Finally, it is fundamental this type of treatment to be practiced only by well-trained Doctors – Acupuncturists, who have extensive clinical experience.

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At our Institute, in the period of Covid-19, we care about your safety and we implement all the prescribed health protocols of  the Greek Ministry of Health and the Infectious Diseases Commission of EODY.